While you can use the built-in file explorer on mc.rbno.co to make quick changes, a more permanent tool may be more suitable for long-term use.

With CyberDuck (recommended)

CyberDuck is a free application for connecting to remote servers. We think it’s much easier to use compared to FileZilla and also has some neat features that are useful for managing remote hosts.

For this tutorial, we’ll assume you have the app set up. You can either click “Open Connection” to connect to the server without saving the login details or create a more permanent record of your server by going to “Bookmark”, then “New Bookmark” (Ctrl+Shift+B also works).

We recommend using the bookmark function for your server if you know you’re going to connect to it often.

Select “SFTP” (recommended). “FTP-S” may also be suitable.

We advise against selecting “FTP” because of security concerns. Someone could theoretically spy on your connection and even manipulate sent data to the server without a secure link. So beware.

The most important thing is entering your server, port, username, and password. This information should be available to you from your server panel.
Save your changes. Everything should be working now.

With FileZilla

Select the server you want to access from your panel on the web.
Proceed to click on “FTP File Access”.
Launch FileZilla. The top bar is where you are going to want to input all of your information.
Enter your credentials. The host is your FTP IP. Your username will be provided. And the password is identical to the one you set up for your account.
If everything goes well, then you should see all of your server files on the right side of the interface. Now you can make any changes you want.
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