In short, we want to make the billing panel — accessible at — more beautiful, easy to use, faster, and add extra features such as a dark mode to enhance your overall experience.

Bugs? Questions? Email Mantas, our Chief Design Officer and the lead of this project.

Known issues

There are lots of issues, but these are the ones that cannot be fixed immediately and require more work in the future.

Verify email button doesn’t work
Nothing related to shopping works
Security options cannot be changed
Language can’t be changed
Notification panel bugged out with only one alert


When will the new billing panel go live?

There is no ETA at this time. We aim to make the panel go live sometime in 2018.

Which browsers does the new billing panel support?

The last 2 versions of evergeen browsers are supported (which includes Chrome and its derivates, Firefox, all browsers on iOS and Safari, alongside Microsoft Edge on Windows 10).

All versions of Internet Explorer are no longer supported.

Will I still be able to use the old panel?

Yes, but you will have to use a special link to access it. The old panel will not receive any new features or updates.

What languages are supported?

Only English is fully supported. We plan to improve internalization along the way, but do not have plans to officially support more languages other than English.

However, it is possible to switch to a different language from the old billing panel then access the new one. Your language setting will be kept, but your experience may be degraded.
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