Security isn’t fun, but it’s important. Learning about SSL, TLS, and HTTPS is a very fundamental task to making sure your site’s visitors (and even you) are safe from data breaches and other catastrophic events.


SSL certificates (and therefore HTTPS) is:

easy to setup
something all sites should have
a way to secure site data & traffic from prying

That little green padlock and “Secure” symbol is what HTTPS is.


Open cPanel.
Search “SSL” or “Encrypt”. You want to find a tile called “Let’s Encrypt SSL” or something similiar.
Follow the instructions and set up SSL for the domains you want to use. Make sure to set up SSL not just for the sites, but also email.


All sites should be using HTTPS by now. Many browsers vendors, such as Google with their browser Chrome (and its derivatives such as Opera), will alert users very angrily when a site doesn’t have a valid certificate. It’s free and painless, please set it up!
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