Whether you are a co-owner, systems administrator, developer, or running a whole server all by yourself, there are a few important things you should know for smooth sailing.

Backup your server routinely

Typically backups are made at least once a month but we recommend weekly backups for most servers. Larger servers should heavily consider daily backups because the more players you have, the more of a responsiblity you hold for your server.

Backups should be stored in at least 2 places. For example, your hard drive and in Dropbox. For maximum protection of your backups, you should use an external hard drive as well but for most people, the aforementioned setup is just fine.

Backup with the “Backup” feature under ‘Files”. Remember that some plugins rely on a database, so you may need to back that up as well.

Restart your server every 24 hours

Minecraft servers tend to degrade in performance after 24 hours of runtime. Use the “Scheduled Tasks” feature under “Advanced” on mc.rbno.co to setup useful automated features like these.

Annoyed by “World saved” message?

Under “Advanced Settings” on the homepage of your server, find “Announce World Save” and uncheck that option. Don’t forget to save your changes.

Need to harden security?

You can enable two factor authentication for managing your Minecraft server via Multicraft just like on the billing panel. Click on your name, then “Manage account”, then “Enable Google Authenticator”.

You can use Authy or other authenticator apps, not just Google Authenticator.
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